Coordination of Japanese visits

Coordination of technical visits from Japan is my core competence. I know the Japanese guests’ expectations of Denmark and therefore have a good insight into what it takes to be successful. My integration in both Danish and Japanese culture as well as experience and contacts from previous visits counts a lot here.

In recent years, the Japanese have visited Denmark to learn from or research Danish knowledge or experiences. There are many areas that have attracted professional Japanese attention – elderly care, renewable energy, agriculture, digitization, urban planning / development, design, architecture, etc.

Technical visits are most often ordered by Japanese customers – media companies, municipalities or think tanks and should therefore not be described in depth here, where I write for Danish customers. Still, I think it’s important to mention because experience with technical visits is important when receiving customers from Japan.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, I took care of visits by Japanese business associates at the request of Danish interest organizations and companies.

Examples of Japanese delegations to Denmark

  • Geno International Kindergarten Training
  • Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin University Scandinavian Early Childhood Education and Training
  • Stengård Skole Junior High School Exchange Program (Visit Taito Ward)
  • Okinawa Prefecture Living Welfare Department
  • Andersen Group employee training
  • System Environment Research Institute
  • Saito Advertising Planning Office
  • Dentsu Inc. Biomedical related inspection
  • Nagaileben
  • Eco conscious
  • Mie Industrial Support Center
  • Kitakyushu City University
  • Hiroshima Funairiminami High School, etc.