English - Japanese interpretation

During the Covid-19 pandemic, business travel between Japan and Denmark is almost impossible. Instead, communication is largely through Skype, Teams and Zoom. It inhibits communication in relation to physical meetings and here comes the extra need for Japanese interpreters to clarify the linguistic.

I offer English – Japanese interpretation

  • Interpretation of meetings with Japanese visitors (Danish / English-Japanese)
  • Danish is rendered loyally in Japanese, without any nuances being lost
  • Guarantee of confidentiality
  • Exquisite personal service
Interpretation at the Danish Parliament for the Kawasaki City council

I do consecutive interpretation and have clients in many different areas.

  • Education sector
  • Welfare sector
  • Renewable energy and environmental technology (International Summit on Environmental Technology, EV Development Research Institute,
  • Waste incineration plant, treatment plant,
  • Waste collector, Geothermal heat supply company)
  • Design
  • Robotics
  • Agriculture
  • Dairy
  • Slaughterhouse
  • Biotech
  • Medico
  • Fintech

I have customers from both Denmark and Japan. The Danish customers are typically companies that have visits from Japan and want to present products or processes for Japanese business associates.

Interpretation by the Hydrogen Industry for the Mie High-Tech Forum

From Japan I have different groups who seek knowledge about Denmark. For these groups, I typically coordinate the entire visit. Makes sure to find Danish conversation partners, make introductions and arrange meetings.

It can be TV teams that come to make documentaries about Denmark. Think tanks have come to visit Danish organizations in their field of information gathering.

I can, in principle, interpret everything if I am given the opportunity to prepare. It is a great advantage to be briefed on the subject, so that I as an interpreter am informed about technical terms and concepts.